• Himalaya Gokshura
    Botanical Name: Tribulus Terrestris
    Common Names: : Gokshura, Gokhru, Khar-e-Khasak Khurd, Puncture Vine, Small Caltrops, Cow Hage.
    Benefits of Gokshura: Boosts vigor, reduces erectile dysfunction, elevates testosterone production, stimulates libido in both men & women, raises sperm count, promotes ovulation, improves penile erection, encourages muscle gain & endurance and protects from cardiovascular problems.
    Himalaya Gokshura
    60 Capsules per Bottle
    (Pure Herb Extracts)

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    Gokshura, a pure Herbal Extract from Himalaya Herbals, is one of the most effective herb to be used in the Ayurvedic system of healing for more than 3000 years to enhance sexual drive and sexual desire in men and women of all ages, boosting overall sexual performance and experience. Gokshura works as a herbal testosterone booster and helps in strengthening of the penile tissue thereby improving penile erection, in cases of treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Along with this, it effects both men and women's sexual health by increasing the sperm production in men and egg production in women. In addition, Gokshura promotes increased muscle mass and strength by building all the tissues besides combating muscle shrinkage in the elderly and accelerating energy metabolism in young people. As Gokshura increases the exercise capacity, it also helps women to strengthen their muscles and indulge in more rigorous exercises.
    Gokshura maintains several hormones of the body, mainly those associated with the reproductive system and sexuality. Gokshura does not necessarily increase testosterone, rather it regulates the hormone; when the testosterone level is high, it will signal the body to reduce the production whereas if the testosterone level is low, the production will be increased thereby maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in the body at all times. Gokshura greatly boosts sexual and athletic performance and maintains the balance of the nervous system. It is highly famous among athletes as it significantly improves the endurance levels and counters fatigue and lack of energy. Gokshura also acts as a diuretic and is therefore useful in kidney, bladder, urinary tract and uro-genital related conditions.
    Benefits of Gokshura - a Herbal Pure Extract :
    • Gokshura is a 100% natural, non-hormonal bio stimulator which boosts endogenous testosterone, improving libido and endurance.
    • Gokshura decreases erectile dysfunction and improves penile erection.
    • Gokshura acts an aphrodisiac, which boosts sexual functions in men as well as women and improves the sexual behavior.
    • Gokshura being a natural anabolic promotes building and strengthening of body muscle.
    • Gokshura performs as a cardioprotective, strengthening the cardiovascular system, preventing coronary disease and improving blood circulation.
    • Gokshura converts bad fats into readily available energy thereby enhancing vitality and energy.
    • Gokshura works as a natural diuretic thereby eliminating excess water from the body.
    • Gokshura increases intracavernous pressure (ICP) measurements.
    • Gokshura promotes fertility in males along with the creation of spermatozoa.
    • Gokshura is an exceptional adaptogen (adapting to body’s various needs).
    • Gokshura is a valuable restorative and nervine tonic, effective on all ages & sexes.
    Gokshura tablets are useful in/for :
    • regulating optimum levels of testosterone, in men.
    • boosting libido and improving male reproductive health.
    • increasing concentration of hormones in women, thus promoting ovulation and libido.
    • toning up the male reproductive system and boosting the general vitality.
    • decreasing problems linked with andropause and menopause (for people over 50 years of age)
    • curtailing nervousness, stress, irritability and agitation.
    • promoting relaxed, deeper and more restorative sleep.
    • combating unexplained chronic low energy levels.
    • reducing cholesterol (LDL/VLDL ) and high blood pressure.
    • maintaining healthy prostate and urinary system.
    Directions for taking Gokshura:
    As directed by your physician or 1-2 tablets, twice daily, before meals. Natural products works on the concept of wholistic healing i.e. they treat not just the symptoms but the body as a whole but may take time for absorption and results. Ideally, it is advised to take a break once in a while. Please consult your physician so that he/she can recommend you an appropriate dosage that best suits your condition.
    Caution should be taken during pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes and Hypertension. High dosages of Gokshura should be avoided. Discretion is advised for women with a history of breast or uterine cancers & men with enlarged prostates. Gokshura may cause stomach upset in certain cases.
    Gokshura has no known drug/herb interactions.
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