Benefits of AyurSlim: Control Weight, Natural weight loss, counter obesity, slimming, control food craving, healthy lipid levels, fat burner, healthy weight reduction.
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    AyurSlim, a Herbal Ayurvedic formulation, from Himalaya Herbals, has been formulated to keep your body toned and free from excessive fat. People having body fat that is more than 24% and 31% of total body weight in men and women, respectively are considered overweight or obese. A person who is fit and healthy generally has a body fat value of 14-17% in men and 21-24% in women. AyurSlim by reducing the excess weight prevents a no. of medical conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, diabetes, back pain, coronary heart disease, gall bladder disease, cancer and sleep apnea. AyurSlim lessens the cravings for food and helps in the optimal consumption of essential nutrients. It slows down the synthesis of fatty acids and in turn reduces the accumulation of fats in the body.
    AyurSlim capsules are a combination of various Natural Ayurvedic herbs that have a favorable effect on weight reduction. AyurSlim leads to efficient burning of fat, maintaining healthy lipid levels, minimising food and sugar cravings, helping in effective consumption of glucose, removing toxins from the system thereby achieving optimal utilisation of nutrients and energy in the body. AyurSlim is highly effective in controlling the fatty acids within muscles and liver. AyurSlim reduces the tongue's ability to taste and crave sugar as well as assisting in removing sugars from the system.
    Benefits of AyurSlim - a Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation:
    • AyurSlim helps in reducing weight by efficient burning of fat.
    • AyurSlim reduces the production of fats.
    • AyurSlim mimimises craving for food thus reducing intake of carbohydrates and fats.
    • AyurSlim leads to optimal utilization of nutrients and energy.
    • AyurSlim eliminates craving for sugar/sweets and regulates the metabolism of sugar.
    • AyurSlim helps detoxify the body.
    • AyurSlim slows down the synthesis of fatty acids and thereby reducing the accumulation of fats in the body.
    • AyurSlim helps regularise lipid metabolism, maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and lower triglyceride concentration.
    • AyurSlim minimises the stress and load on the joints by helping shed excess weight.
    AyurSlim capsules are useful in/for:
    • Treating obesity and keeping excess weight in check.
    • Maintining healthy levels of body fat.
    • Controlling cravings for food and sugar/sweets.
    • Reducing the formation of LDL, VLDL and triglycerides.
    • Inhibiting the development of type II diabetes.
    • Preventing the deposit of fat in the waist area to avoid back pain.
    • Avoiding the formation of cancer of the colon, prostate, breast and uterus.
    • Preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension, Osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, atherosclerosis and gall bladder disease.
    Directions for taking Himalaya AyurSlim
    As directed by your physician or 2 capsules, twice daily best taken with controlled low calorie diet. A daily exercise regimen is highly advised for effective results. Natural products works on the concept of wholistic healing i.e. they treat not just the symptoms but the body as a whole but may take time for absorption and results. Please consult your physician so that he/she can recommend you an appropriate dosage that best suits your condition.
    Discretion is advised in taking AyurSlim for nursing mothers, people who are hypertensive or are suffering from problems such as diabetes, any type of heart disease & high blood pressure. AyurSlim is contraindicated (not advisable) in people suffering from jaundice and/or renal failure and during pregnancy (but can be taken safely once lochia stops). Otherwise AyurSlim has no side effects if prescribed dosage is followed.
    No known drug/herb interactions.
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