Benefits of Abana: Superior heart health, normalize lipid levels, decreases bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation, promotes healthy platelet function, helps deal with nervousness and anxiety.
    Himalaya Abana
    60 Capsules per Bottle
    (Pure Herb Extracts)

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    Abana, a Herbal Ayurvedic formulation, from Himalaya Herbals, has been formulated to provide superior health for the heart. Abana helps to lower the triglycerides, cholesterol, levels of low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein (LDL & VLDL - also known as bad cholesterol) while raising levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL - also known as good cholesterol). It works as a cardio-protective by improving various heart functions like the Cardiac Inotropy (contractility) of the heart and by reducing sensitivity to adrenergic stimulation. It also aids in reducing the platelet aggregation. Abana helps reduce blood pressure by relaxing (dilating) blood vessels and is therefore an excellent natural therapy for maintaining normal blood pressure and normal blood circulation. It therefore promotes effective cardiac functioning and efficient regulation of blood pressure.
    Abana helps the heart to work more efficiently, thereby reducing the preload and after load, improving diastolic function as well as pumping function. Abana may be taken as a daily supplement to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension, to minimize the risk of heart attacks as well as uneasiness and anxiety. It can be very beneficial to people who smoke, are stressed, overweight or consume high-fat diets or are susceptible to similar conditions. Abana also helps to reduce nervousness and anxiety.
    Benefits of Abana - a Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation
    • Abana is highly effective in strengthening heart functions.
    • Abana encourages healthy blood circulation.
    • Abana helps relieve hypertension.
    • Abana helps normalise cholesterol and lipid levels.
    • Abana provides superior strength to heart muscles.
    • Abana minimizes heart's sensitivity to adrenergic stimulation.
    • Abana is helpful in conquering nervousness and anxiety.
    • Abana maintains healthy platelet function
    • Abana helps calm heart palpipations.
    • Abana helps in increasing CoEnzyme Q10.
    • Abana works as an effective cellular regenerator.
    Abana tablets are useful in/for:
    • Promoting the removal of LDL & VLDL (bad cholesterol)
    • Improving the levels of HDL (good cholesterol)
    • Controlling healthy phospholipids and tri glyceride levels in the blood.
    • Maintaining healthy blood pressure.
    • Regulating mild to moderate hypertension.
    • Controlling the condition of Dyslipidemia.
    • Inhibition of platelet aggregation
    • Curbing and correcting cerebrovascular conditions.
    • Working as an adjuvant in the therapy of angina.
    • People coping with cardiovascular conditions.
    • Treating cases of anxiety and depression.
    Directions for taking Himalaya Ashvagandha
    As directed by your physician or 2-3 tablets, twice daily best taken with warm water. Natural products works on the concept of wholistic healing i.e. they treat not just the symptoms but the body as a whole but may take time for absorption and results. Please consult your physician so that he/she can recommend you an appropriate dosage that best suits your condition.
    Abana has no side effects if prescribed dosage is followed.
    No known drug/herb interactions.
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